Building A Recurring Event System

Information Architecture, User flows, Interaction Design
Project Overview
During my stint at Glu, we wanted to built a weekly tournament event which is aimed to engage users intensely over a period of time, with minimal interventions from the team.
My Contributions
I was responsible for conducting researches, building Information Architecture, User flows, Wireframes, Low fidelity mock ups and Interaction Design.
The feature increased game progression rates and impulse purchases.
Glu Mobile
Associate User Experience Designer
The challenge was to build a recurring event system on top of the game's mechanism.

The solution included creating a streamlined interaction which helped the players to understand newly added mechanisms and their interactions with existing mechanisms. This was important as most of the user base didnt like too much changes.

This optimization is one of my favorite as it introduced me to the world of analyzing data and allowed me to see beyond user's statement.

Check out the feature in gameplay!