Optimising User Onboarding Funnel

Qualitative analysis, Quantitative Analysis, Userflows
Project Overview
We noticed a significant churn rate at the initial stages of the game. Analyzed the entire onboarding funnel, and gathered insights on what data looked holistically, to recommend amendments which would reduce the churn rate.
My Contributions
I was responsible for conducting quantitative analysis on the user onboarding funnel, then to relate it with qualitative researches to find the user painpoints and to create modified userflows which would reduce the churn rate. The optimizations reduced the churn rates significantly.
The challenge was to optimize the game's user onboarding flow to reduce the churn rates at initial stage.

The solution included understanding the user pain points by analysing both quantitative and qualitative data, along with amending existing userflows with a set of recommendations.

This optimization is one of my favorite as it introduced me to the world of analyzing data and allowed me to see beyond user's statement.

I wrote an article in UX collective on how data supports UX
Glu Mobile
Associate UX Designer

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